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More Testimonials & Words of Appreciation

More Testimonials & Words of Appreciation

Peggy is a top-notch musician and vocal coach. In just one session there was quite a noticeable improvement to my voice! She gave me the proper tools and practice techniques to help with vocal wear, breath control, range and phrasing! She is extremely patient and knows how to teach professionals needing to keep a healthy voice a midst our hectic schedules! Thank you Peggy!

Joe Gransden – Jazz Artist (Trumpet and Vocals) –


Thank you Peggy for helping me. It was so much easier tracking vocals on my new record. My pitch was so much better and everything sounds natural in and in tune. Thank you so much.

Tuk Smith – Solo Artist former lead singer of The Biters 


I have grown up in the music industry since the late eighties which has provided me endless experiences with professionals within the field. Can count on one hand the individuals that have caught my enduring attention because of their talent, work ethic and commitment to excellence. Peggy is one of those rare individuals. She has worked closely with artists that I produce and manage. She has the innate ability to tap into the artist’s  psyche and bring out the very best in them. If you are seeking to optimize, elevate and push yourself beyond your perceived limits, Peggy needs to become part of your team.

Nico Constantine (music director for Lady Gaga and currently of the Starbenders, guitarist, writer, producer, manager)


Peggy is such a warm soul that puts you at ease always. Her very presence creates the perfect environment for learning. She helped me identify my strengths and amplify them which in turn gave me the confidence I needed. Peggy has been an integral part of my musical journey and I consider her my true ally and friend.

Kimi Shelter of the Starbenders


Training with Peggy really helped me find my true voice and enhanced my ability to sing harmonies.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and vocal expertise.  She’s an incredible teacher and an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you for all that you do, Peggy Johnson!

Kriss Tokaji of the Starbenders


I consider myself very fortunate to have found you, to be able to work with you and learn how to do what I have wanted to do for years. Before you creating a symphony was just a dream that I thought was impossible, now I can see that I can learn the missing pieces I needed , to play & share  the wonderful melodies that have always lived inside my head & heart for so many years. Music is indeed a part of heaven on this earth. It enriches the brain, body, and soul. Thanks so much for all your positive encouragement through this happy journey.

You are awesome.

Best Regards,
Donald Dennis,MD,FACS  ENT


I’ve known Peggy since I was 5. She’s one of the most talented women I’ve ever met it my life. She taught me everything I knew about music and pushed me to know things I didn’t really want to know at the time, but later realized were very important. I can say that Peggy shaped my childhood more so than my parents. She means the world to me, she’s a huge influence, not only in my life, not only in Atlanta, but In the music scene in general. She is my second mother.

Taryn Smith – Vocalist


When your teenager is determined to venture into the highly competitive world of music, it becomes quickly apparent they will need guidance.  In the advent of social media, the industry has changed dramatically and it is imperative to understand the way it works and how to navigate it.  As a mom and manager to a 15 year old singer/songwriter, I prayed for someone who was principled, talented, knowledgeable, and accessible to shepherd us through the process.  My prayers were answered with Peggy Still Johnson.  She is, foremost, a talented musician and teacher, but more importantly, a friend and mentor with a real heart and love for fostering talent.  This mom is forever grateful for her dedication to my most prized possession and for seeing in her what I have always seen.  With Peggy at the wheel,  I don’t question “whether” she will make it, I only wonder “when” it will happen!!

Kathleen Kennedy – TV Celebrity and Former CNN Anchor, Mother of Reed Ferguson (Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist)



Ghost Brothers of Darkland County: Written by Stephen King, Music by John Mellencamp, Musical Direction by T Bone Burnett, Musical Supervision and Arranging by Andy York, Director – Susan Booth

Peggy, as an old timer, I know what’s what. I meant every word of it. And, I know that Andy feels the same way. You are one of the most marvelously talented people I have ever met. The honor is all mine.

 (Dave Roe – Bass player for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, Nashville session bass player who works with John Mellencamp and toured many years with Johnny Cash and others)


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your kind words and detailed work on this show.  You always have such good energy and it is a gift to be around. Hope our paths cross again in the future and know that I am wishing for you all possible good things!

(Emily Skinner –  Lead for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, Tony Nominated actress, has been in Broadway productions of Billy Elliott, Jekyll and Hyde, Side Show and more)


Thank you for everything. And you are so much more than my assistant. You are a force of nature!

(Andy York – Music Supervisor and music arranger for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and guitarist/band leader of John Mellencamp’s Band)


Peggy – What a great find! Many thanks for all your work on this and all your patience amidst the storms.

(Susan Booth – Artistic Director for the Alliance Theater and Director for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County)


“Within just a few lessons, Peggy has transformed my voice, she has prepared me with the tools to open up my sound, while keeping it strong and yet learning how to use control to articulate and soften my delivery when needed. I will definitely continue to see her, I’ve never known a more effective vocal coach.”

Kelly Taylor – Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist


Thank you for all your help, it was invaluable. It was great working with you and Madison Studios.

Justin Guarini – American Idol star, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Actor, Film and Broadway star


After one session with Peggy Johnson, I feel like a whole new world of singing has opened up for me! In less than an hour, Peggy taught me how to protect my voice with warm-up and cool-down routines, how to expand my vocal range with a series of vocal exercises, and how to increase my endurance with better breath support technique. Peggy is an incredible vocal coach and I can hardly wait to see what she’ll teach me at our next session.

Rebecca Lovell – Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter and member of Larkin Poe

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