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Larkin Poe – Folk, Americana Band

Larkin Poe – Folk, Americana Band

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“After one session with Peggy Johnson, I feel like a whole new world of singing has opened up for me! In less than an hour, Peggy taught me how to protect my voice with warm-up and cool-down routines, how to expand my vocal range with a series of vocal exercises, and how to increase my endurance with better breath support technique. Peggy is an incredible vocal coach and I can hardly wait to see what she’ll teach me at our next session.”  Rebecca Lovell – Larkin Poe

“I am thoroughly amazed at the difference that even one vocal lesson with Peggy Johnson can make! After my first lesson with Peggy I was already approaching singing in a new way. She listened to my voice and was able to quickly – and accurately! – pinpoint my problems and give me simple methods to overcome them. I also learned effective warm-up routines and exercises to strengthen my voice. Most of all, she was warm and welcoming; I never felt nervous or embarrassed! Thank you Peggy!” Megan Lovell – Larkin Poe

When you attend a Larkin Poe concert, it is impossible not to see and hear that these sisters have soul and musical prowess well beyond their years. At 21 and 23 respectively, Rebecca & Megan Lovell – along with their bandmates, Rick Lollar on electric guitar, Chad Melton on drums, & Robby Handley on bass – are charismatic performers, experienced songwriters, and accomplished musicians. Featuring tight vocal harmonies and dizzying instrumental riffs, the music of Larkin Poe ranges from Folk-Rock to Acoustic R&B, from grooving Jam Band to delicate singer-songwriter – Larkin Poe is versatile, entertaining, and totally authentic in all that they do.
Born and raised in Georgia, the sisters’ musical journey began as children playing classical violin and piano at the ages of 5 and 6. In their early-teens, after winning a prestigious award on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion on NPR, the then called “Lovell Sisters” toured internationally – from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN to Bonnaroo. At the beginning of 2010, after saying ‘farewell’ to The Lovell Sisters, the musical story of Rebecca and Megan’s young adulthood began in the form of a new band: Larkin Poe.

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With a seemingly inexhaustible fount of creativity and passion, Larkin Poe hit the road running in January 2010 and in less than two years has already released 5 studio projects of all- original music, become a regular fixture on radio charts across Europe, and acted as the backing band for Elvis Costello on his international tours – with a Live Performance DVD due out Summer 2012 and a new studio project in the works for Winter 2012.

With extensive tours booked across the United States and Europe, Larkin Poe continues its high-energy invasion of the folk music scene, captivating audiences around the world with their insightful lyrics, magnetic presence, and dazzling instrumental virtuosity.

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