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Edith Ivey – Actress (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Edith Ivey – Actress (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)



“One of the most professional and pleasant experiences of my working life was with Peggy Still Johnson as my piano teacher.

Hired by Paramount Pictures, Peggy numbered my fingers and taught me how to play piano and prepared me for my role in the blockbuster hit The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…It worked and we are still friends today.” — Edith Ivey

Edith Ivey began her career in New York where she widely worked on radio soap operas, such as The Guiding Light,Whispering Streets, and Our Gal Sunday. Many of these performances were live, Edith’s favorite type or work. Since her beginner days as a radio soap star, Edith has grown tremendously as an actress working extensively on both television and film.

Edith’s early steps into television occurred when she portrayed the lovely “Indian” Princess Summerfall Winterspring on the Howdy Doody Show; Edith’s character quickly became every young boy’s heartthrob.

In the 1970’s she utilized her exceptional presentation skills as a fashion commentator for Miss USA. Soon after, Edith appeared in 5 episodes of the television series In the Heat of the Night. Over the 50 year span of her career, Edith has portrayed many characters in dozens of movies, including RoboCop 3, Norma Rae, Little Darlings, and her most recent project starring as Brad Pitt’s piano teacher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Edith Ivey has not only experienced a success in her acting career, she also holds many academic achievements. Initially Edith received a degree in drama, but returned to school to receive a degree in religion from Mercer University. She later obtained a Master’s degree from Columbia Theological Seminary and in 1996 began offering the Biblical Education Tours.

Since then, Edith has guided more than fifty tour groups to places including Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and other European countries. When Edith is not acting in TV and Films, or traveling, she enjoys performing in local theater productions and is extremely involved in her church and other community-based organizations.

In 2007, Edith was honored as a CABY award recipient for Distinguished Performing Artist by the Roswell Cultural Arts Board in her hometown. From 2006 to the present she has been a contributing member of the Atlanta Theater’s Suzi Bass Award.

edith_ivey_2She is a co-founder of the Georgia “Casting About” program, which she regularly helps to expose hundreds of local actors to significant casting directors throughout the Southeast. She volunteers her time teaching Sunday school and acting as a corresponding secretary for Roswell Presbyterian Church and in May 2007 the church awarded her with The Honorary Lifetime Award. She is also an active member of the Milledgeville, Georgia Garden Club.

Although her love for theater is incredibly important to Edith, she possesses a broad and well-defined life beyond the arts. Edith has lived most of her life in her beloved state of Georgia. Her and her husband moved to Roswell, Georgia in the 1960’s where they raised their two sons, Mark and Nick.

Also in the 1960’s, Edith and her business partner, Jerre Enberg established the successful Ivey-Enberg Talent Services in Atlanta, Georgia. Edith Ivey has experienced a long and rich life, not only with her career in the arts, but also in her activities outside of the arts.

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