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In 2010, Peggy will receive composing, casting, and coaching credit for her work in the Independent Film Requiem for Herstory. Tim Gill, Director of Cinematography, has this to say: “…I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderfully talented team of artists working on the music and post-sound for “Requiem For Herstory”. Peggy is an accomplished singer, composer and teacher who owns and operates The Peggy Still School of Music in Atlanta, GA. She brought Robert Thompson, a brilliant ambient, experimental, avant-garde musician and recording artist, and Nev Walker, a talented audio engineer to the project…” Read more!
A budding British singer got the surprise of a lifetime while filming a music video- bumping into reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian in the middle of a scene. Joelle, 13, flew over to Los Angeles to put the finishing touches to the music video for her debut song ‘Big in LA’ when she was bizarrely interrupted mid-shot by then-pregnant Kourtney Kardashian. Meet and greet… Kardashian and Joelle Sporting dark shades and a black sun hat, Kourtney walked into shot on Rodeo Drive just moments before teenage singer Joelle appears- who remains unperturbed that a major celebrity has interrupted the filming. Speaking to Yahoo! TV, Joelle admitted: “Mum told me to be professional at all times during filming as there were often people who kept walking into our video. “When we started to film me coming out the shop on Rodeo Drive I was gobsmacked that after the director shouted “action”, they breezed past me as if I wasn’t there. “I had to just carry on and walk out the shop as directed, but I shrugged my shoulders as I came out into shot as I knew they had already messed up that take and I would probably have to re-shoot it.” […] Read more!

Film, Music, and Sound

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Contact Peggy for a quote to provide services for your television, film, live performance, album, and corporate project. Composing of themes and atmospheres Foley sound effects, sound and music mixing Sound restoration and sound production. Cinematography Click on the following links to listen: TV and Film Music Demo Film Demo Reel  Theme song “Pie Jesu” from the award winning film Requiem for Herstory Avant Garde Album on Aucourant Records  Read more!
In 2006, Peggy was hired by Paramount Pictures to train actress Edith Ivey on piano for her role as the piano teacher (Mrs. Maples) in the 2008 blockbuster movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.). The film was nominated for 13 Academy Awards, winner of 3 Academy Awards. Read more!